On the day of the hurricane, we have been out of power for more than 24 hours. It was such a hot day; we left the house’s front door open on the day the hurricane happens, so we get some fresh air from the windy and rainy weather outside. At the same time, my family and I try to sleep in the living room. Even though the hurricane did not damage our house and it was not as severe as we thought it would be in our area, being without power for more than six hours was a terrible time.

The next morning, my parent did something relatively out of the ordinary. As the weather was terrible outside ,my parents thought it was a good idea to bring in the gas grill inside the house to make something to eat.Honestly, I could not comprehend what would make them do this. Maybe, being without power messes with their mind. to this day, I still cannot understand what was going in their heads while making that decision. my brother and I were clueless about them bringing the gas grill inside. We would have never allowed them to do that.

I remember lying down in my room from my recollective mind trying to get some sleep as I did not get a good sleep the night before. I heard a loud bang and got woken up from my deep sleep. I have a terrible reaction when someone wakes me up abruptly from a deep sleep. My anxiety level cannot handle being abruptly waking up. As I got up half asleep, I ran to the living room and saw my brother coming outside his room, and I start asking him what happen; he had no clue. Then the moment that crash my soul, the moment that keeps coming into my dreams. The moment that I still cry about when I think about it.

I got into the garage door and saw my mom face screaming and yelling to get help, saying there is a fire and that my dad is in the room .Even then, I did not know what and how the fire happens, I know there is a fire in my house, and my dad is in there. I was shocked and confused; I did not know what to do. My brother called 911 immediately, but our neighbor was the one that helps us put the fire out.

Later, when everyone was brought to safety, I learned that it was not the garage that was caught on fire, but the empty room we rarely used next to the garage was on fire, and there was my dad. Fortunately, there was nothing in the room to make the fire more severe, and the fire did not spread in the house, and my father was not severely wounded. So with the aid of our neighbor, we were able to put out the fire before it was more out of control.