he painting, titled “Interrogation” by Ali Banisard, has captured my eye. I thought it looks like some scene of war that you see in history textbooks. That’s there first thing that comes through my mind. It seems a bit chaotic. As I look more profound in this painting, I can see figurative form filling the drawing, clouds filling the skies, and smoking swirls around the sky. Maybe an explosion occur. The turquoise patches indicate rivers and streams in the middle-ground, a burst of yellow at the center-top indicates the sun. Taking a look at this painting makes my mind spin. I feel like there’s so much going on, but I can never distinguish precisely what, but I feel some stray thoughts. The hue is so vibrant, and a variety of bright patterns are swirling shapes.

This artwork radiates emotions of frustration and suffering. It appears that the figure is in pain and angry as a result. Chaos encompasses the whole painting as these figures spur out their emotions. I think the burst of yellow represents the sun. Sun has been the symbol of power, growth, health, passion, and life circle throughout many cultures. It sends the message that, amid the unfolding uncertainty, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The turquoise blue patch in the center-ground portrays the flowing path of the river from the field of emotion. I think the image of the paintings only shows only the painting’s abstract surfaces and does not display what the painting looks like in person.