Ever Is Over All(1997)

The video that I chose is “ever is overall” by Swiss visual artist Pipilotti Rist. Two simultaneous video projections make up the installation. A woman proudly walks down a city sidewalk at the left while wearing a flowing teal dress with a glee look on her face. She is carrying a tall flower similar to the one depicted in the projection to the right, which depicts a field of massive sweltering flowers.
The two very different videos have been slowed to a calming pace, creating a feeling of relaxation that is disrupted when a woman strolling down the sidewalk fiercely swings the flower at the window of a parked car, shattering the glass dramatically, indicating that the flower tool is strong enough to break the car’s glass.
The possibilities of these moving images liberated from telling us a story will interact with people in various ways. I believe this has something to do with female rage. Something about the excessively polite faces, feminine clothes, and flowery weapon reminds me of how women’s anger is always portrayed as non-threatening, inconsequential, and sexy in some way, and woman as a whole is stereotyped. This is changing somehow right now, but the overall vibe reminds me of the 50s and 70s, which provides backing to this theory.

As she smashes each window, I feel a sense of breaking barriers that society and men have imposed upon women — a great example of female empowerment and confidence. As I watch this video repeatedly, I feel like this installation depicts a Great, strange atmosphere. Image, motion, music all blend perfectly. Questions arise, unfamiliar emotions are instigated. The music is so soothing, and it makes me feel sleepy.



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