This art piece is called “Introvert” by Yis Goodwin, better known as Nosego. I step upon this artist, and his work on Instagram and his artwork is excellent. From my perspective, this piece of art depicts some kinds of hybrids, a combination of animals and humans being. It is interesting to juxtapose the content and the subject matter with dynamic designs and vivid colors in this artwork. This piece has a cold, Stillness exterior, while an entirely different world is happening inside. In this artwork, the portrayal of a silent beast is undoubtedly depicted. The artist is known for creating surrealistic scenes of characters created from expressive imagination and the natural world. You can see that through his work. This art piece is an accumulation of patterns, vivid colors, and character.

My attention to this piece is drawn to the calm, the elegance of the floral patterns, and the tiger’s aggressive face. I can already relate to it before I even saw the names of the artwork. I recently took the Myers Briggs (MBTI) personality test, and I was an introvert based on my response. The first thing I noticed about this piece was that the tiger image represents impression most people had of me what they first met me. As in introvert, I am often described by individuals as quiet and difficult to get to know. Also, how uneasy and frightened I look, but I’m actually in a good mood most of the time, but I don’t think my face reflects that.

Instead of viewing the tiger in a negative light and as a ferocious predator, I see the power and bravery that this portrait depicts. As an ancient Chinese animal symbol, according to tiger “is an emblem of dignity, ferocity, sternness, courage, and is Yin energy by itself.” The tiger can symbolize introverts in this artwork as courageous, strong, consequential, or portrait as someone who has been judged and mistaken because of their outer appearances.