This sculptural masterpiece is title” Cadencia” by artist Edgardo Carmona. This sculpture is located in Downtown Fort Myers, FL. Edgardo is an international sensation as his works have been seen from all over the world. His works represent people who might otherwise not be a feature in sculptures. Also, his home country Cartagena, Columbia, plays an important role in his sculpture. It was surprising that his work ends up in Fort Myers as he’s known to exhibit his sculpture in more prominent places like Paris, Italy, Germany, and more.

From my point of view, the subject matter is the sculpture itself. Although the sculpture does not move, I can feel the sound and movement it can produce by just looking at the sculpture. From another point of view, the subject matter may not be the sculpture itself, but the sound and beat that comes from the drums. These sculptures intend to highlight the African myth that the drums and the artist become one to create a single rhythm.

This sculpture is full round as we can view it from any angle. The figure is presented in complete three-dimensional form and is not attached to a flat background, unlike relief sculpture. There was no detail about this sculpture’s size, but from this exhibit, “allure your senses,” the sculpture ranging from 200 to 1000 pounds and 10 feet tall.

This sculpture brings a sense of culture, matching well with the artist’s hometown and Downtown fort Myers. Downtown Fort Myers is a hip destination for area residents and tourists alike, where tantalizing restaurants mix with live entertainment, shopping, and fine artwork. This sculpture, along with the rest of the artist exhibit in Fort Myers, offers shared symbols with the community, helping build social cohesion and help forge a positive identity for the town. It helps the community engage, pay attention to our environment, and encourage us to question what’s around us and gives us a rich connection to our community. When this sculpture and the rest of the exhibition make their way from Paris to Fort Myers, the community was very thrilled.