Reclaim thyself-manifesto


To implement my semester’s work into a larger analytic whole and how I differentiated my artistic views and responsibilities and explored and developed them along the way, I touched on subjects that are important to me and how they influence my emotions and art decisions, as well as how it communicates about or relates to, my world.’

Looking back on my blog for this semester, I see a recurring theme of needing to recoup, reclaim, and make improvements. The desire to improve and better oneself is firmly instilled in all of the work I have done. The blogs that contribute to the themes that I selected are as follows:



When I first saw this artwork, I was captivated by the title and the painting itself. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an introvert, so when I came across an artwork that I could relate to, I knew it was the one. I am aware that an introvert does not have to be reserved or appears fierce outside but gentle on the inside. There are other criteria for an introverted person than being shy and difficult to interact with, but those are the key things people think about when they think of introverts. I also note in the blog that I disliked being introverted and anti-social and that I wanted to change my ways of coping with situations. I began by incorporating my own experience and way of life.



To be the best version of myself, I must embrace reality and move beyond my most traumatic experiences. I must be able to let go, no matter how difficult it is. It is the first time I’ve mentioned the incident in a blog. It is something I still dream about and wake up screaming about. The fire was not excessive, and it was put out before it could spread. Why does it still have such an effect on me because things could have been much worse? What I aspire for is the need to forget and move on from this experience.



This poem all about self-respect and self-confidence and is such an experience. The speaker ran through a series of statements about herself, celebrating her determination and ability to step up and move on from the personal and historical past. This poem’s core theme is self-empowerment, courage, and determination. Angelou’s self-confident is made me realize my lack of self-confidence. I aspire to be as solid and self-aware as she is. One thing that held me back is the fear of failure. I need to start taking actions that will boost my self-confidence, like thinking and acting positive, getting to know myself, knowing my principles and living them, setting small goals and achieving them, being active and exercise, and most importantly, smiles and enjoying life.



One of my priorities for this year has been to prioritize self-care. Self-care is a series of realistic, person-centered practices that we can all engage in to preserve our health, wellness, and wellbeing. I gained weight over the last year due to being stressed, consuming unhealthy foods, and not taking care of myself. When it came to my fitness and physical appearance, I was in a deep dark hole. My depression and weight gain had taken their toll on me to the point that I didn’t leave my house unless necessary. I also began to experience health issues. I have been eating healthy and workout recently, and I have seen the result. I am in a better place now than I was a year ago. I need not give up and keep taking small steps toward my goals.

By practicing self-care and the my self-confidence, I will be able to regain my identity and continue to live a healthier lifestyle as I have in the past, while still looking forward to the future.




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