Music has great power to inspire us and lift our mood.

I chose self-care as the theme for this playlist. Self-care, generally defined, is the practice of actively protecting one’s well-being and happiness, especially during times of stress. When I turned 21, I fell into a deep depression and shut myself off from my friends and family members. I allowed myself to worsen to the point that I couldn’t recognize myself.

I blamed myself for not being the most potent version of myself or the version that others needed. When everyone else was changing and trying new stuff, I was trapped in my ways and uncertain what I should do. I was perplexed and depressed. My resolution for the new year is to take care of myself, build a self-care plan, and sustain a constructive, healthy relationship with myself to achieve my goals, hopefully. I don’t want to let others’ perceptions ruin my health and peace of mind anymore. These songs that I chose speak to me and help me take care of my well-being and aim all about empowering and confidence to help develop self-awareness and the importance of self-care emotionally and physically.


Finally Feel Good by james Athur

The first genre is pop. This song has been on repeat in my mind for the past week. This song is about learning to love and care about oneself, and it focuses on overcoming insecurities and learning to embrace oneself. The line “self-inflicted torture is no longer gets me high” is the highlight lyric for me. The message is that you can never be the same person you were yesterday and that you want to be a better version of yourself tomorrow. Since it is all about needing to take care of oneself and finally feel good, this song is related to the theme I chose. The chorus is the moment in my life that I have been waiting for. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m making strenuous attempts to feel good.

i cant want wait to finally feel good.


Feeling Good by Nina Simone

The second genre is blues/soul.This song is about someone "feeling good," enjoying peace and happiness after overcoming an obstacle.The song incorporates several lyrics that give you the feeling that it is about daily life. The song serves as a gentle reminder to me that life is not without its highs and lows.the song allows you to see that it is possible to start over or keep going. You must understand that everything will work out and that you must move on. A variety of artists sampled this song, but Simone made it her own. The vocal dissonant chords and harmonies, as well as the freedom she has in her rhythmic phrasing, illustrate where the note falls within each meter. Her musical expression is dynamic and smooth. This song is overflowing with black music, and you can sense the souls and emotions. Simone's tone shows both her suppressed pain and her unwavering determination as she sings, "It's a new dawn/a It's new day/a It's new life/For me/And I'm feeling good." Her "new life" suggests that she can not only resolve her past but that she "feels [s] good" and is determined to a better tomorrow.


The Climb by Miley Cyrus

The song is a power ballad that describes life as a challenging but rewarding journey.The story teaches us that it’s not just about what you’re doing in your is essential to consider the journey you have made to get there and learn and appreciate the experiences you have been through on the way.This song aims all about empowering and confidence. She compares this fight to make your dream come true in life to climbing a mountain. ‘’Keep on moving, keep climbing Keep the faith, baby It’s all about, it’s all about the climb’’ she says, making the listeners know that they’ll be happy until they’ve accomplished their dreams and ambitions, but looking at the way you’ve got there makes you more appreciative. you develop self-awareness and the importance of self-care.Now that I’m older and can understand the lyrics, I’m feeling a new collection of emotions. The tone and imagery suggest that she is finding a sense of confidence or hope in order to continue on her journey and arrive at her destination.


Self-care by savannah cristina

The fourth genre is R&B. This song describes frustration with how one’s life is going and how one feels like they are doing something for everyone else except themselves before they hit their breaking point. The music is calming and therapeutic, and it has encouraged me to prioritize my well-being and the need to heal myself. Cristina has made her listeners swoon with this dramatic tune, silky melodies, and velvet voice, as well as this song’s complex sound influences. Over the sounds of eerie violins, she sings. This song is linked to the themes since it is about taking care of oneself and prioritizing one’s own needs regardless of what others think.


Rise Up by andra day

The feeling that nothing is going forward and that life is emotionally draining and tiresome. Day has seen the light and no longer lacks the confidence to face life’s difficulties. She knows what it takes to succeed and be resilient. This song is about having the courage to persevere in the face of adversity, which can be applied to any situation depending on the themes. The song has a melodic chorus and a beautiful verse. She’s showing amazing vocal range in this song, and she’s using great style on her runs.’’Rise up’’ lyrics are somewhat ambiguous. One can interpret “rising” differently depending on the situation they are going through. This song is essential to the theme because it is about uplifting, empowering, and inspiring one to conquer a struggle, which is what self-care is about.


Treehouse by james arthur & Ty Dolla $ign feat. Shotty Horroh

Treehouse is a song about moving to a safe place where you can get away from your troubles. So, the Treehouse can be any place that makes you feel comfortable and a space where “it’s OK not to be OK.” For me, music is my Treehouse that makes me move forward on my journey of self-care. It features a restless rifle through musical styles and the searing vocals of someone who has a lot on their mind. For a long time, the singer has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, but he has found ways to cope. He sings about finding a safe place where it’s OK to not be OK in this song.

James Arthur is one of my favorite artists. The lyrics, the music, the melodies, and the voice all speak to me and help me get through tough times. The right style of this song is a little different from Arthur’s. His songs are typically ballads, but this one is energetic and has a retro hip-hop sound.