The real, sweet moments.

“Sweet Memories” is the theme I selected for this album. I chose this theme because it highlights some of my most treasured memories through these photographs. I’ve been interested in photography since high school, but I’ve never taken it seriously. Even if not professionally, I enjoy photographing my friends, family, and the things around me. I enjoy taking pictures of my friends, family, and the things that surround me. I’m fascinated with the idea of photographing people’s real, sweet moments and raw emotions.

I never remove a photo or video from my phone because I enjoy looking back at them and remembering the events of the day. I think being a photographer and being a part of life’s big moments, catching unique moments (or shall I say sweet memories) for people to remember forever, is what makes me enjoy every minute of it. Even though I enjoy photography, I wouldn’t say I like being photographed. I prefer to sit in the background and let others enjoy themselves.

This photograph was taken at my workplace two years ago. I remember I just bought the latest iPhone that came out with a portrait mode around that time, and I was impressed with it because the quality of the picture is always excellent. I took this photo off guard, she didn’t know I was taking a picture of her, and it turned out all right. When I showed it to her, we laughed at the expression she made.

This is my friend Ryan at work. As you can see, this picture is taking at the same location as the previous photo. Ryan was my favorite model and always supported me with my photography dreams. He is always ready for the camera. The blue tint in the picture was my signature way of saying this was my photo, and I took it.

This trip to universal was for my 21st birthday. I went with four of my friend, Lissa, Linedia, Tasha. The trip was four days long. Even though I was not a fan of the rides, it was my first time at Universal, and I had a great time. During this journey, I have become aware of my fear of heights. i almost peed in my pant riding the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. It was my first and last experience with that ride. My friends love it and even wanted to ride the same day. It was our first ride of the day and my first ride ever, and I was pretty much scared to ride the other one, but I suck it up and do it for the experience.

This is Alexander, my nephew. My sister lives in Orlando, and even though it’s not that far away, it’s hard to see her and my nephew. So, I cherished every moment I get to spend with him. This photo was taken before covid when my sister visited us in Fort Myers, and I played outside with him. It’s been a year, and I miss them terribly. We often communicate on the phone, and he’s a great kid. We set to see each other soon, and I can’t wait.

This photograph was taken in Orlando, Florida, at Disney World with Ryan, Jen, and Jamie. I had never been to Disney before. When I was younger, I always wanted to go to Disney World but never had the chance. My Disney-obsessed friend Jamie is a Disney fanatic, and she plan this trip for us. I am not exaggerating when I say she visits Disney World at least once every three months. I’m not too fond of the rides because I am afraid of heights, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunities. The ride at Disney was not as intense as the rides at universal.