PART 1-Free Verse Poem

The swing; an intriguing picture
composed in a triangular shape
two men are at the base of the pyramid
where intense swath diagonal light
direct your eyes
leading to the main focus
beautiful women in a pink frilly dress
while the rest hidden in shadows
fertile overgrown setting
abundant gardens
frothy light kissed trees; dappled in sunlight
feeling abundant and fertile
through center; strong diagonal tree branch
energizing the piece; looking like a strike of lighting
filling it with frenetic energy; blasting through

as the lady swinging; lifting her legs
her left shoes fly off in a flirtatious manner
man deep in shadow pushing the swing; controlling the motion
to the right, a young man; relaxing in the futile lush ground
being playful and coy
lady kicking up her leg, allow him to look
a literal love triangle, perhaps?
cupid figure; holding finger above his lips in silence
as if this is secretive
in this naughty and sensually charged scene


The visual piece that I choose is Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s painting “the swing’’.This painting is full of symbolism, total spontaneity, and joy in life. The painting’s nuances and vibe are rather romantic, and it has a dramatic value. Lush trees in a garden setting surrounded the swing. The garden is dotted with cupid sculptures. The palette was mainly pale, with pale pinks and greens dominating. Even at first glance, we can see that the painting’s elements are all very romantic. I believe that this painting stimulated our imagination while also pleasing our eyes.
Many important details are included in the piece, such as the golden light pours through the garden’s trees. A young lady wearing a light pink dress sits on a giant swing hung from the trees behind her. An older man smiles as he controls the swing in the lower right, oblivious to the scene in front of him. A small white dog sits at his feet, which I believe represents an ironic fidelity since the dog seems to be dissatisfied with what is going on. I believe the woman’s air-kicked slipper and the man’s hat are references to their sexual availability.
My intention with this poem was to reveal as many vivid descriptions of the art as possible to offer a sense of what is going on in the painting. The poems, in my opinion, include discoveries of the art, highlighting secret features in the painting. Unless you are an art expert or are interested in art, I believe this painting appears to be a young adult playing and having fun at first glance. not until you pay attention and investigate the painting’s nuances to comprehend what the painter is trying to express.